Our Services

More Food, of Better Quality, for Less Work,

While Caring for Our Natural World.

Online Courses

Everyone deserves access to high quality, nutritious and flavoursome fresh food! 

We teach you how to grow:

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More Food

    (higher yields, faster growth)

Better Quality Food

    (more flavour & nutrition)

Naturally Pest Resistant Food

    (improved plant immunity)

All for less time & less work!

Check out our ever-expanding range:

We've Made a Free App

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Note: The App is Not Necessary for Accessing Our FREE & Paid Programs.  It's an Optional Bonus That Enables Convenient & Offline Mobile Access.  


Soil Health

We Are What We Eat-

and our food is only as nutritious as the soil it was grown in!

Improving and maintaining soil health is the fundamental step to growing gourmet quality food, easily, for less work with less pests.  

We offer a range of services to help gardeners cultivate healthier soils, from free videos and short courses to professional soil analysis services.


Unlock the full potential of your soil! 

Consulting Services

  • Tired of looking for answers online?

  • Have questions, big or small, that you'd appreciate some fast answers for?

  • Want expert guidance to take you from struggle to success with ease?

A personalised 1-on-1 session might be the solution you seek.

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Free Talks & Presentations

There's only one thing we love more than gardening & that's inspiring others to discover new possibilities of flavour, yields and ease with their home gardens.

We regularly host free information-rich webinars and online presentations in addition to frequent live in-person events.  If you'd love to learn more about cultivating higher quality food, intelligently and ecologically, you are most welcome to join us sometime soon. 


We love hands on!  What better way to connect with fellow like-minded foodie gardeners than by getting our hands dirty?  


We host regular small group, low-cost workshops at various venues around  Australia.

If you'd love to learn more about cultivating higher quality food, for less work, you are most welcome to join us sometime soon. 

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Gift Cards

Looking for a meaningful gift for someone special?

A Gourmet Garden School eGift card could be just the thing- the gift that keeps on giving.  


Priced to suit any occasion, gifting someone the skills or means to grow more flavoursome, more nutritious and less pest-prone food could make for a welcome treat.

"It's not so much what, but how we do it!"