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Sunday 25th Sep Bellingen, NSW


Monday 3rd Oct Mullumbimby, NSW


This low-cost workshop is a combination of foundational theory and practical application, conveniently split in to two separate levels.  


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Level 1: 9am - 10:30am


A perfect introduction, the Level 1 mini workshop introduces the principles of how we can easily create a truly low maintenance, highly productive food garden, for very little cost.  Participants will:

  • Learn the value of thorough planning and healthy soil as the foundation to an enjoyable, easy to manage garden.  

  • Learn how to grow tastier food, that’s more nutritious and naturally pest resistant!

  • Receive a weekly DIY recipe to easily stimulate soil life & grow more food, of better quality, with less pests.

Level 2: 11am - 2:30pm


Level 2 is for ‘hungry’ beginners & seasoned green thumbs alike; participants will learn by doing as we rejuvenate an existing garden and apply the principles of optimum soil care in an actual garden. Participants will:

  • Learn how to assess soil and know what it needs to maximise fertility using natural minerals

  • Identify problem weeds & how to use beneficial ‘wild’ plants to our advantage

  • Learn how to use plants and natural products to stimulate soil life cheaply and easily, enhancing growth, increasing yields and improving food flavours


Level 2 participants are invited to bring a plate of delicious food to share during the lunch break (approx. 12:30).  

LIMITED SPACES: secure your place and book now or pay cash on the day.


Learn how to grow better quality food, with less pests and less work🌿


Get Growing-

Bellingen, NSW


Get Growing-

Mullumbimby, NSW


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