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Worms are Your Garden's

Powerhouse of Fertility!

Everyone knows worms do good things, but not everyone realises that worms, farmed well, can produce the ULTIMATE fertiliser, soil conditioner and microbial inoculant.  It's not that they're free and therefore good, it's that worms transform waste materials into something SO SPECIAL it's not available for purchase!  


"Worms, farmed well, could be the

ONLY garden input you need!"


By adjusting what we feed them, we can adjust the nature of the castings they produce to suit the requirements of of our unique space.  


Want MORE FABULOUS FUNGI in your soils, no problem worms can deliver.  Want More BENEFICIAL BACTERIA in your soil, or more diversity, no problem.  Need more microbes that make minerals plant available, no problem!  


In this workshop I'll be sharing the techniques for how you can get the best from your worm operation. 

You will:

✅ Learn how to maintain healthy, happy, thriving worms


✅ How to create different types of worm castings for different purposes


✅ Learn how to make your own potent liquid soil conditioner & fertiliser


🪱 Bring a sample of your worm castings for assessment!




You'll Receive:

🎯 A powerful plant & soil improving recipe


🌿 A sample of powerful liquid soil conditioner

📲 Comprehensive e-handouts

✅ All your questions expertly answered

By Donation for previous Complete Compost Workshop Participants (you know who you are😊)

Single Participant
- $75


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There's only one thing we love more than gardening & that's inspiring others to discover new possibilities of flavour, yields and ease with your home gardens.

We regularly host free information-rich webinars and online presentations and frequent live in-person events.  If you'd love to learn more about cultivating higher quality food, ecologically and for less work, we invite you to join our notifications list for future upcoming events.  


We're also open to suggestions for topics of interest to you and welcome invitations to host events on your behalf online or in-person.  Let's chat!

"There's no better way to learn than by doing"

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