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Upcoming Workshops


A perfect introduction to growing food for the first time or enjoying more success with an existing home food garden.  Level 1 introduces the essential techniques for creating a low maintenance, highly productive garden.  You'll learn the simple steps for cultivating your own healthy, fertile food garden and all your gardening questions will be most welcome

You'll leave this workshop intensive equipped with all you need to know, to start growing a fantastic food garden!

    You Will:
✅Learn the value of thorough planning to get the best results

✅Learn why healthy soil is the foundation of an enjoyable, easy to manage garden

✅Practice the essential food gardening techniques of soil preparation, mulching, sow
ing seeds, transplanting seedlings and plant care

✅Learn how to grow tastier food, that’s more nutritious and naturally pest resistant!

You'll Receive:

🎯 A ‘Get Growing Action Plan’ which includes a virtually free, yet powerful homemade fertiliser and soil improving recipe

✅ 3hrs of expert guidance for troubleshooting & questions


   By Donation

Delicious, pest-free food is on offer for all of us & it all starts with healthy, fertile soil!  Level 2 of the Get Growing Series guides participants through the process of assessing soil health and diagnosing what's needed to optimise conditions and improve performance.  

  You Will Learn How To:

✅Assess your soil & know what it needs

✅Optimise soil fertility- naturally and cheaply

✅Manage weeds to your advantage & make them less work

✅Boost seedling and plant health for bigger yields & better flavour

✅Make your plants more resistant to insect pests and disease!

Bring a sample of your garden soil for assessment!

  You'll Receive:

🎯A ‘Get Growing Level 2 Action Plan’ which includes 2 powerful plant health promoting and soil improving recipes & guides from the workshop

✅4hrs of expert guidance for troubleshooting and questions 


Single participant
- $95

You + a friend
- $75 each (SAVE $40)

You + two friends
- $60 each (SAVE $105)


Get Notified

There's only one thing we love more than gardening & that's inspiring others to discover new possibilities of flavour, yields and ease with your home gardens.

We regularly host free information-rich webinars and online presentations and frequent live in-person events.  If you'd love to learn more about cultivating higher quality food, ecologically and for less work, we invite you to join our notifications list for future upcoming events.  


We're also open to suggestions for topics of interest to you and welcome invitations to host events on your behalf online or in-person.  Let's chat!

"There's no better way to learn than by doing"

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