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About Me

Ian Epic Earth

I grew up in London, England and food gardens have always been my preferred place to be.

I live near Bellingen, NSW with my wife Georgie where we've been living since 2020.  Both avid food gardeners, we met in a community garden in Mullumbimby in 2012!

Food gardening is my life!

It's (almost) all I want to do!  


For over 20 years, I’ve been growing food and landscaping gardens, both for work and pleasure. 

I’ve learnt through my own trial and error and from some of the best experts in their fields.  I passionately keep up-to-date with the most cutting-edge research, always refining and improving my approach.


My specialty is soil health, minerals and plant health & I'm particularly good at food tasting!  

I can help you remedy the mistakes you're making in your garden and fast track you to start producing the kind of food you really want to grow.

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"We help you realise your garden's full potential!"

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