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About Us

What is the Gourmet Garden School?

The Gourmet Garden School is your online garden ‘go to’ if you want to master the art of growing better quality, delicious & nutritious food, without the struggle or the pests. 


Many people have never tasted what really good quality food is like, and many home gardeners are needlessly stuck struggling with recurring pest problems.  


We founded this school because we want to help the many home gardeners who are missing out on their gardens' full potential.  And to inspire the many more people who have never even experienced the joy of food growing on their doorstep.  


Over the last 20 years we’ve developed a unique and comprehensive, science-backed and proven method of growing much better quality food for much less work. 


Our techniques yield food that’s naturally more flavoursome and nutritious than everyday homegrown food and worlds apart from industrially farmed ‘food’. 


We know what works and we’re keen to share our proven techniques with anyone who wants better food, for surprisingly little effort.


We'll guide you through our step-by-step online programs (hosted and self-paced) and personalised consulting services to equip you with everything you need to get your garden thriving in the best way possible, for the least work.


We've got 2 Big Secrets to Share:


        Fresh food is just the beginning;

real quality is far beyond

mere freshness


Many fresh foods begin an immediate nutritional decline once harvested.

Fresh is ultimately best! 

    “Think of the surprising sweetness of fresh-picked asparagus or the alluring aroma of vine-ripened tomatoes.”  


Home gardeners know this and regularly delight in fresh picked herbs, ripe fruits and vibrant veggies. 


But there’s a much bigger opportunity on offer, and it’s all to do with maximising the nutritional potential of each food plant.  When plants are grown in ways that supply all they need, they not only yield much more, they become jam-packed with more flavour and health-promoting nutrients too. 


Plants this happy bring with them a

whole new flavour frontier!


         Growing food for quality & flavour makes gardening less work!


The very same methods we teach that enable   plants to thrive also make them more resilient and they require less pampering to grow well.

  *Less Pest Problems

  *Less Frequent Watering

  *Less Fertiliser Inputs Required

  *Less Weeds, so Less Weeding

  *Less Maintenance 


Bigger yields and better quality food!  


This is why we’re excited to share the easy to apply techniques that can transform any garden, anywhere.

“We set you up for success, the easiest & most delicious way possible”

Kids Love Gourmet (Nutrient-Rich)  Vegetables!

Children don’t hold back when it comes to food and the simple truth is:

"If your kids don’t like the veggies you’re growing or buying there’s an opportunity to improve!"


And it's a delicious opportunity for more flavour and yumminess than you might have imagined.


Many kids don’t enjoy their veggies because they can taste that they’re not what their body wants! 


When kids are introduced to fruits and veggies that are grown for flavour and nutrition, all this changes and they literally can’t get enough! 

We're a
Kind of Gourmet

Don’t let the ‘Gourmet’ in our name confuse you, we’re not remotely into silver service or formal dining, we’re all about quality, rustic, down-to-earth, good food that tastes great for the whole family, however it’s served. 


"It’s all about the flavours, aromas and textures"


The best of these come with the best quality, a gourmet quality.

And as home growers, we/you have a very special opportunity to cultivate quality that's unseen commercially.  


The very nature of homegrown food supports superior quality, and when nutrition and flavour are a primary intention-  wow, just wow!!

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Who Are We?

About Ian

I first fell in love with homegrown food as a boy. I could often be found raiding my mum’s garden, devouring all the fresh strawberries, raspberries and vine-ripened tomatoes. I loved the deep sense of freedom I felt wandering around the garden, nibbling and tasting. I never felt more at home than when I was foraging for food in our homegrown paradise.


I first started growing my own food while studying an Environmental Science Degree in my early 20s. I had fun applying the theories I was learning and testing them in the ‘real world'.


For over 20 years, I’ve been growing food and landscaping gardens, both professionally and for myself. I’ve researched and tested many of the different growing methods out there & have since developed my own personal method that incorporates the best of the best.


I’ve learnt through my own trial and error and from some of the best leaders in the field.  I passionately keep up-to-date with the most cutting-edge research, always refining and improving my approach.  Soil health, mineral balancing, nutrient density, low-maintenance methods, I’ve invested years learning, practicing and refining them all.


I literally live, breathe and eat this stuff, every day.  I’ve distilled this vast knowledge and practical experience into the essential components: a dynamic growing method that’s easy to follow and gets unbeatable results.  


I can help you remedy the mistakes you're making in your garden and fast track you to start producing the kind of food you really want to grow.

I met my wife Georgie in a garden, appropriately!  She also loves gardening and we have worked together professionally, building gardens and growing food for others.  She is helping behind the scenes creating the arty farty components of the courses we create together.  

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"We help you achieve your garden's true potential!"

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