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Our Value-Packed eCourse Range

We are deeply committed to openly sharing the skills for growing better quality food at home, regardless of income.    

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In this live hosted, yet self-paced program I guide participants through an entire growing season.  I'm sharing the very best of what works to get the very best from your garden this spring!

Share your gardening journey, let me guide you though the process and support you through any challenges along the way from seed, right through to feed!

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For anyone affected by recent flooding, concerned about soil contamination or struggling with soils that are simply too wet.  

This course guides participants through the process of understanding the issues and provides practical solutions to fix what's wrong.

Transform your soil health and realise abundance

and flavours like never before!

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A true Masterclass program- SUPERCHARGE Your Soil guides participants through the process of assessing soil, identifying what it needs, overhauling or starting a new garden and then activating the soil to maximise fertility & crop health.  

Unlock the full potential of your soil with the ultimate soil activation fast track program!

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Set yourself up for easy and enjoyable success by minimising mistakes and maximising your garden's potential with this thorough guide.  


Consider all the components and costs of creating a whole new garden or simply improving your existing one and save money, save time and enjoy a truly low maintenance, thriving and abundant garden as a result!


— Tom, Self Employed

"An Easy Garden Starts From the Soil up!"

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