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Landrace Gardening

What is Landrace Gardening

Landrace gardening could be every gardener's secret to success!



It's all about genetic diversity and adaption to your conditions!  Choosing seeds from plants that naturally perform well for you, in your garden!


Unlike sticking to the same limited heirloom varieties, landraces provide crops that can handle stress better!

What stress?  Climate, drought, unseasonal frost, extended rains, poor soil...


With landrace gardening, you'll have a garden that's not only more resilient and adaptable but also a beautiful reflection of your region's rich cultural heritage.


Plus, you'll enjoy a steady supply of delicious, homegrown goodness year after year, reliably! 


What About Heirloom Seeds?

Heirloom seeds are essential and it's vital that enthusiastic growers around the globe grow and save heirloom & heritage varieties of food.  


They hold invaluable genetic diversity, representing our agricultural & gardening heritage.  And we need them, and we need them to maintain and improve their genetic resilience and adaptability.


Some heirloom fruit and vegetable varieties are no longer resilient and are increasingly pest prone due to a lack of genetic diversity from years of selective in-breeding.  We need to share seeds more widely, selecting for vigour, health, resilience, high yields, stress tolerant and ease of cultivation.  


It's heirloom seeds that will mostly provide the foundation for creating resilient landraces, uniquely adapted to local environments.

The Great Australian Landrace

Ready to embark on a gardening adventure like no other?

Prepare to take your nourishing relationship with your garden to an unbelievable new level!

Join the Great Australian Landrace now and sow the seeds of resilience, community, and heritage!

"Landrace Gardening - a Delicious Journey!"

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