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60mins Personal Session

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Doorstep Service

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Example Topics Include...

  • Planning your property

  • Mulching

  • Organic pest management

  • Soil mineral balancing

  • Low-maintenance gardening

  • Beneficial insects for plant health

  • Composting solutions

  • Worm farms

  • Syntropic farming techniques

  • Water-wise gardening practices

  • Productive privacy screening

  • Biodynamic gardening

  • Pruning for plant health

  • Seed saving

  • Plant propagation 

  • Seedling care

  • Plant nutrition & fertilising

  • Improved food flavour

  • Gardening for wildlife

  • Companion planting

  • Gardening for small spaces

  • Food forests

  • Edible water gardens

  • No dig gardening

  • Improving soil biology

  • More food from your space

  • Preserving garden produce

  • Home medicine making

  • Insect hotels

  • Natural Bee keeping

  • Native bee keeping

  • Soil pollutant remediation

  • Soil health

  • MYO organic fertilisers

  • Foodscaping with edimentals

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