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"Food brings us back to what matters!"

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The Problem We Solve

You want to grow some or more of your own fresh food. You know that your health, your tastebuds and your finances will benefit.


Maybe you've tried before but things went pear-shaped?


Maybe you've never tried because you have no idea where to start and you’re daunted by so much information out there?


Maybe you're growing right now and your food lacks flavour or the garden pests are eating better than you? 


Or maybe you’d just like to know how to set your garden up grow food that’s more nutritious, more flavoursome and for less effort?

What We Do

We help you grow:

More Food,

of Better Quality,

for Less Work.

We're Ian and Georgie, the founders of the Gourmet Garden School.  We have over 20 years professional experience in environmental science, growing food and landscaping gardens. 


We make cultivating your own organic and pest-free food, deliciously easy.


From planning to picking, we offer everything you need to get your garden thriving.  We share the science-backed, practical knowledge and a unique step-by-step ecological method to grow the best possible quality food.


Online courses, presentations, in-person workshops, professional soil analysis and personal consultations are just the start.  We support and guide you through the challenges  specific to your garden, helping you to grow the best food for the least effort.


Learn with us and you'll be tending a productive patch filled with delicious and nutritious food in no time.

There's no better time than Now!

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Our Values & Approach to Gardening

We value great food.

We value a healthy natural world.

Gardeners have a powerful opportunity to improve the health of the natural world where we live in the most delicious way imaginable.

These are the values we live and garden by...




— Efrat, Relationship Igniter


"The Proverbial Garden of Eden is Ours to Cultivate!"

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