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Set Yourself up for Success with... 
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✅ Avoid costly mistakes!


✅ No more overwhelm!


✅ Make the BEST use of space!


This short eCourse effortlessly explores every aspect of planning your garden to minimise work, stress and maximise productivity and your enjoyment.

Whether you're completely new to food gardening or a seasoned green thumb, there's value for everyone with this succinct and deep dive into garden planning and design.

We guide you through the decision making process of planning a whole new garden or simply overhauling an existing one.  We take a look at the many factors worth considering if you want a highly productive and low maintenance garden.

"This Course will Save Your Time & Money - Both Priceless!"

Ian Epic Earth (Founder)

The Gourmet Garden School

What You'll Learn

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How to Create a ​Highly Productive, Easy Garden


The Value of Appropriate Crop Selection


How Much Sun Your Favourite Foods Need 


What to Food Grow In Challenging Garden Areas 

Which Garden Bed Style Suits You Best

Ideal Path Layout & Surfacing


How to Avoid Pest Problems by Preventing Them!

Dig vs. No Dig Gardens- What, When & Why?

Weeds- What You NEED to Know!

Home Grown Vegetables

What's Included?

9 Modules

27 Short Video Tutorials

16 Short Audio Lessons

Lifetime Access

2x In-depth Plant Selection Guides 
1x Cheat Sheet  
1x Comprehensive Checklist

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Your OWN Convenient Smartphone App 
(For Offline/Garden Use)

Who's This For?

  • Simple enough for New gardeners who want to start a garden

  • Comprehensive enough for Experienced gardeners improving an existing garden

  • Anyone wanting to maximise their garden's potential

  • Everyone who wants to Low Maintenance, Pest-Free Garden

Course Introduction


Bonus #1:
Comprehensive Planning Checklist 

This Entire Course in an Easy to Use Checklist

Bonus #2:
Prevent Pests:
Intelligent Garden Planning Guide to Prevent Pests 

Bonus #3: 
Select for Success!

Plant Selection for Extreme Conditions

Bonus #4:
Sunny Garden Cheat Sheet!
Detailed Crop Sun Requirement Guide 

Reap the Full Benefits of Your Efforts

by Maximising Your Garden's Potential!

"An Enjoyable Garden Starts With Excellent Planning"

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