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Our Premium Microbial & Mineral Formulation Optimised for Enhanced Germination & Healthy, Robust Seedlings.


Great for Seeds

Mix 5-10ml to 1L seed raising mix


Lightly dust seeds with dry blend and sow


Great for Seedlings

Apply a very light sprinkle to soil surface around plants and water in


Mix 5-10ml to 1L water and use to soak/water plants



  • 8 species mycorrhizal fungi
  • 5 species beneficial bacteria
  • Soft Rock Phosphate - (calcium, phosphorus & silica)
  • Gypsum - (calcium & sulphur)
  • Actrivated Carbon - (improves performance)
  • Diatomaceous Earth - (high quality silica)
  • Powdered Horsetail Plant (Equisetum arvense) (high quality silica)

Stronger Seedlings

200 Milliliters
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