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Highly soluble, highly concentrated, dehydrated kelp granules.


1 level tsp (5ml) per 9L water

One 200g pack makes 900L


This is a SUPERIOR Plant Growth Promoter

Helps plant mitigate stress (drought, heat, wind, cold)


Apply 1x/week to soil and plants for optimum growth, increased pest resistance and flavours!


Ascophyllum nodosum Nordic Kelp

Valued for rich blend of rare trace minerals and plant growth-promoting compounds:

  • cytokinins - (plant growth hormones)
  • auxin-like giberellins - (plant growth hormones)
  • betaines - (improves drought resilience)
  • mannitol - (improves plant cell delivery)
  • organic acids - (improves trace mineral availability)
  • polysaccharides - (powerful food for soil fungi)
  • amino acids - (protein/food for plant & microbial growth)


Note: this is a tonic for plants, not a fertiliser.  It contains a broad spectrum of ALL the ESSENTIAL trace minerals.  Depending on your soil, additional mineral nutrition may be required for your crops.

Soluble Seaweed

200 Grams
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