Upcoming Workshops

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The Secrets of Soil Fertility:

Supercharge your soil biology

  • Do your homegrown veggies taste as good as you’d expect?

  • Are your plants thriving like you know they could?

  • Does your garden soil need a boost?

Soil biology is the BIGGEST influencer of:

  • Nutrition & flavour

  • Pest & disease susceptibility

  • Medicinal value


A healthy soil biome literally makes gardening more productive and less work so it's important to understand and improve. 


Thriving & diverse soil biology is critical for fertile, productive soil that can support healthy, high-yielding, pest-resistant plants.  


In this 5 hour course we'll be taking a deep dive into the fundamentals of soil fertility.

Learn how to assess the condition of your soil and identify what it needs to unlock its full potential.  You'll learning how to create fantastic soil and then how to maintain it and continue to improve it.

"There's no better way to learn than by doing"