Soil Analysis

What is it?

Soil Analysis involves taking a sample of your soil & getting it analysed by a laboratory to reveal the mineral composition and content.

You will be provided a professional and easy to read report that makes sense of the technical data supplied by the lab.  


A prescription for the exact minerals your soil needs to achieve optimum fertility will also be provided, and because they will be just what your soil needs, you'll see radical improvement in no time!

If you choose to purchase and apply the prescribed minerals, you will be beginning a soil mineral balancing program, that lasts for 1 year.


Simply put, you set yourself up for success


  • Grow food that tastes better 

  • Improve soil & crop health 

  • Unlock existing mineral reserves of your soil 

  • Less weeds and weeding

  • Minimise insect pest and disease issues

  • Faster growing, higher yields

  • Avoid wasting money on unnecessary fertilisers

How often?

One analysis and mineral prescription is accurate for one year.  


One single analysis, once, can be extremely useful to reveal what's going on, chemically speaking.  There is no requirement to act on the recommendations and/or purchase the minerals prescribed.  All Organic, the minerals prescribed will suit any Organic certification system.  


A mineral balancing program runs for 1 year.  It involves repeat applications of the prescribed minerals to achieve the optimum possible results.  Smaller, repeat applications enables faster results than single, annual applications. 


"Some soils lack certain minerals,

some soils have too much of certain types &

both scenarios can cause big problems!" 

The very best food can only grow in soils where all necessary minerals are:

a) present in the soil


b) biologically available  

Soil Analysis is the way to find out if there’s something big or small holding your soil back from optimum fertility and your plants back from peak nutrition and flavour.


Our service includes the laboratory analysis plus a fully comprehensive & easy to read report.  Includes a colour graph, a mineral amendment prescription and a step-by-step, 12-month application & improvement schedule.


What's the Process?

  1. Purchase the soil analysis package below.

  2. You'll receive instructions from us (via email) on how to take the soil sample and submit it to the lab, plus a digital copy of the form to submit with your soil sample.

  3. Post your sample and submission form to the lab.

  4. The lab send the results to us for our analysis.

  5. We'll interpret the results and email you the full report including recommendations and a quote for the minerals you require.

  6. You can source the minerals yourself or proceed with the ready-made quote

  7.  You apply the minerals as prescribed

Soil analysis is a powerful tool for soil improvement & easy gardening.

Soil mineral balancing can simply be a 'one-year wonder' right up to a multi-year, ongoing program. 


After 12 months, you may consider another test to assess improvement and continue the program.

Depending on the specific condition of your soil and your aspirations for it, the vast majority of improvement is achieved in the first 2-5 yrs, during which annual testing is recommended to monitor & maintain progress. 


As soil fertility improves, so does your soil's natural storage capacity, and once the major deficiencies and toxicities are remedied, annual testing is no longer required. 

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  • Soil Starter

    Identify Your Soil Needs & Get an Improvement Strategy
    Valid for 3 months
    • Your Questions Answered
    • Guided Soil Visual Analysis- 1.5hr Online Course ($29 Value)
    • Understand What Your Soil Needs & How to Improve it
    • Basic Soil Mineral Improvement Plan ($49 Value)
    • Basic Soil Mineral Deficiency Guide Pdf ($29 Value)
    • Soil Biology Boosting Recommendations
    • 1x 60min One-on-One Strategy Session* ($120 Value)
    • TOTAL VALUE $227
  • Soil Analysis

    Laboratory Soil Test & Mineral Balancing Program (1 Year)
    Valid for one year
    • Comprehensive Report ($149 Value)
    • Identify Critical Deficiencies & Toxicities
    • Includes Discounted Lab Soil Test Fee ($156 Value)
    • Custom Mineral Prescription for Fast Tracked Fertility
    • Tests Include: CEC, TEC, pH, Paramagnetism, Conductivity
    • Ca, Mg, K, P, S, N, Na, Al, Si, B, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo, Co
    • Ca:Mg ratio, Plant Available Ca, Mg, P & K, Base Saturation
    • 1x 20min One-On-One Soil Strategy Call ($50 Value)
    • Customised Crop Care Recommendations
    • (TOTAL VALUE $355)
  • Ultimate Soil ASAP

    Tailored 1 Year Soil Fertility Transformation Program
    Valid for one year
    • 1x 60min Initial Consultation ($120 Value)
    • SUPERCHARGE Your Soil Biology Online Program ($699 Value)
    • Includes Complete Laboratory Soil Tests ($220 Value)
    • Important Extra Soil Tests (Total Minerals, Redox Potential)
    • Comprehensive Soil Report ($149 Value)
    • 1x 60min In-Depth Soil Strategy Session ($120 Value)
    • 3x 30min Season Support Sessions -Qs & Remedies ($180 Value)
    • Regenerative Soil & Crop Care Plan ($99 Value)
    • Tailored Biology BOOSTING 1 Year Program
    • (TOTAL VALUE $1587)

*Sessions can be either online via Zoom or over the phone. **The mineral prescription will list exact amounts of specific amendments that will benefit your soil. These minerals are not supplied as part of these packages and require an optional extra purchase. INTERNATIONAL Lab Soil Analysis Services By Arrangement According to Your Location & Mineral Prescription Supply Cannot be Guaranteed. All Prices in Australian ($AUD)

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