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Laboratory Soil Test, Comprehensive Report & Tailored Mineral Prescription

+ Full Mineral Stocktake 


  • Identify Critical Deficiencies & Toxicities
  • Includes Discounted Lab Soil Test Fee ($222 Value)
  • Custom Mineral Prescription* for Fast Tracked Fertility
  • Tests Include: CEC, TEC, pH, Paramagnetism, Conductivity
  • Soil Structure Insights: Ca:Mg Ratio & Base Saturation

  • Exchangeable Minerals:  Ca, Mg, K, P, S, N, Na, Al, Si, B, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo, Co

  • Plant Available Minerals: Ca, Mg, K, P
  • Total Minerals:  Na, K, Ca, Mg, S, P, Si, Co, Mo, Se, Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu, B, Al
  • Redox Potential (Chemical Availability of Minerals)
  • 1x 20min One-On-One Soil Strategy Call


Please Note:

*The mineral prescription is a recommendation only & does not include the actual minerals


INTERNATIONAL soil analysis services by prior arrangement.  

Depending on your location prescription mineral supply cannot be guaranteed.

Total Mineral Analysis Package

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