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Informing Our Approach

I mentioned that we're extremely well-read and that we’ve researched and trialled the best of the many different growing methods that exist.  


These are some of the methods and authors/pioneers of books and peer-reviewed papers that we've read and now inform our ecological approach:

  • Permaculture (Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Holz Sepp, Matt Powers)

  • BIOINTENSIVE method (John Jeavons)

  • Mushroom farming and mycoremediation (Paul Stamets, Peter McCoy)

  • Natural Farming (Masanobu Fukuoka, Korean Natural Farming, JADDAM & Zero-Budget Farming from India)

  • Nutrition Farming (Graeme Sait)

  • Soil mineral balancing (William Albrecht, Michael Astera, Steve Solomon, William McKibben)

  • Compost & Bokashi (Rodale, Luebke Method, Adam Footer)

  • Biodynamics (Demeter, Biodynamic Agriculture Australia, Hugh Lovell)

  • Compost tea (Elaine Ingham, Soil Food Web, Marc Remillard)

  • Companion Planting (Alison Greer, Brenda Little)

  • Perennial vegetable gardening (Martin Crawford, Eric Toensmeier, Stephen Barstow)

  • Sprouts & microgreens (Isabell Shipard, Eric Franks)

  • Edible flower gardening (Rosalind Creasy, Kathy Brown)

  • Wildlife gardening (Bob & Liz Gibbons)

  • Integrated forest gardening (Wayne Weiseman et al.)

  • Food forests (Dave Jacke, Geoff Lawton)

  • Syntropic farming (Ernst Gotsch)

  • Edible water gardens (Nick Romanowski)

  • Vermiculture/worm farming (David Murphy, Jackie French)

  • Regenerative Soil (Matt Powers)

  • Biological farming (Gary Zimmer)

  • Regenerative farming (John Kempf, Dan Kittredge, Christine Jones, Nicole Masters)

  • What Your Food Ate- How to heal Our Land and Reclaim Our Health- David Montgomery & Anne Bicklé


"The future of food is small scale and regenerative"

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