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Learn the Secrets of Soil Fertility:
Your Soil Program 

The ‘SUPERCHARGE Your Soil Program’ is a unique and easy-to-apply system to achieve super-activated, rich, fertile soil!  


This easy-to-apply system activates the biological potential of your soil, unlocking mineral reserves and makes growing food much easier:  


🌿 Less Fertiliser

🌿 Less Confusion

🌿 Less Wasted Effort


🥕 Better Tasting Food

🥕 Abundant Yields

🥕 Simply Easier!


Learn how to rejuvenate your soil, transform soil fertility and how to start a whole new garden in the best possible way.  



"This Program is a True Soil Masterclass & Will Change Your Relationship With Your Garden"

Ian Thomas

The Gourmet Garden School Co-Founder   

Who's This For?

This Program is for:

  • Anyone Who Wants to Start Growing Better Quality Food

  • Gardeners Who Already Grow Food

  • People With Soil Problems

  • Gardeners With Pest Problems

  • Growers Who Want to Improve the Flavour of Their Food

🤨 Do you find it difficult knowing what your soil needs?

🤔 Do you struggle with heavy, clay soil or old, worn out soil?

😩 Do you find it hard to know when/how to feed the soil? 

😵‍💫 Do you struggle choosing the right fertilisers?

🥵 Do you wish you knew more, but don't know where to start or simply too busy?

We all know soil is important to grow great food, but how do you actually make soil fertile?

I bet you’ve tried asking at your local garden centre or looking up 'how to' videos on YouTube...

And nothing has quite worked for you, right?

If any of the above Qs apply to you, this simple step by step program is designed for you.  I (Ian) have created this program to remedy the exact problems I was struggling with some years ago.  I felt overwhelmed not knowing what my soil really needed or how to feed my plants & I was drowning in fertiliser choices whenever I tried to find out!  I knew my soil was a BIG part of the problem, I could see my plants struggling, but I didn't know what to do, or how to fix the soil!  I'll be honest, I found it really tough and I was tempted to just give up growing food altogether!



"So much information 'out there' but nothing really helps!"

If that's similar to how you feel right now, this program can be your perfect guide, so that you stop wasting your time and money, and instead enjoy the relief of knowing what to do, easily and cheaply.  Many years ago I took a deep dive into soil science to uncover what my soil really did need, and I was shocked to find myself debunking many common assumptions as myths, and it transformed my relationship with gardening.


Nowadays, gardening has become much more fun, less work and I grow much tastier food with very few pest and weed problems!  


This, I discovered, is how food gardening is supposed to be!


Image by NeONBRAND

This is Not Your 'Average' Gardening Course!


This is not a superficial "How to Start a Gardencourse like many others.  


Nor does this course recommend compost as the one magical 'fix' for all soil problems.

Many organic gardeners believe compost is the solution to all soil fertility problems and this is simply not true.  For existing gardens, regular use of compost may even be part of the problem.

Many gardening courses lack specific detail when it comes to soil, and that is why this program is so valuable.  


This program extends way beyond merely recommending the best local 'organic' or 'premium' garden soil.

It is a true masterclass to:

🥕 Understand your soil

🥕 What it needs to improve &

🥕 How to most easily do it


For truly transformational results.

Why I Offer This Course?


— Tom, Self Employed

"An Easy Garden Starts From the Soil up!"