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The Secrets of Soil Fertility:
Your Soil Program

🌿 Do you struggle knowing what your soil & plants need to grow well?

🌿 How do you improve clay soil & regenerate a tired out soil?

🌿 We all know soil is important, but how do you actually make soil fertile?

If any of these are your questions, then I have your answer...

Why I Offer This Course?

The ‘SUPERCHARGE Your Soil Program’ is a unique system to achieve healthy, fertile soil.  


You'll learn how to rejuvenate your soil, improve soil fertility and how to start a new garden for optimised fertility.


This easy-to-apply system activates the biological potential of your soil, unlocking mineral reserves and makes growing food much easier.  


                     🌿 Less Fertiliser






                     🌿 Less Pests

                     🌿 Less Confusion!

"This Program is a True Soil Masterclass & Will Change Your Relationship With Your Garden"


What's Included?

6 Self-Paced Modules

149 Short Videos (10.5hrs Total)

Lifetime Access

Exclusive Facebook Community- Share the Journey & ALL Your Qs Answered

Plus Bonus Downloads... (x14 in Total)

Bonus #1: Intensive Planting Guide- More Food From Less Space ($29 Value)
Bonus #2: Fertiliser Cheat Sheet-NO MORE CONFUSION or WASTED Money ($99 Value)
Bonus #3: Easy Soil Assessment Checklist- Get to Know Your Soil ($29 Value)
Bonus #4: Soil Mineral Deficiency Guide- IDENTIFY What Your Soil Needs ($29 Value)

Bio Recipes & Tips For Easy Soil Success... ($ Priceless)

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand How to Create a Fertile Soil

  • Identify Soil Problems & Know How to Remedy Them

  • Learn What Fertiliser to Use, When & How?

  • Rejuvenate a Tired/Old Garden 

  • Create a New Garden Optimised For Fertility

  • Beat the Weeds & Pest Problems by Avoiding Them

  • Learn How to Easily & Cheaply Boost Soil Biology

The Complete SUPERCHARGE Your Soil Program Content

Module 1 - Assess & Progress

Learn how to assess your soil and identify what it needs to achieve ideal texture and create the optimum foundation for fertility

Lesson 1: Basic Soil Assessment 

Lesson 2: Soil Texture 

Lesson 3: Rebalancing Poor Texture

Lesson 4: Soil Organic Matter

Lesson 5: Soil Mineral Balancing

Lesson 6: Understanding Soil pH


Module 2 - Microbial Marvels

Learn the essentials about soil biology that we, as gardeners, need to know, and how to easily boost soil biology in the most effective way


Lesson 1: The Essence of Fertility 

Lesson 2: Meet the Microbes

Lesson 3: Soil Life Pyramid

Lesson 4: Plants & Microbes

Lesson 5: Managing BIOLOGY

Lesson 6: Humans & Microbes


Module 3 - Getting Down ‘n’ Diggy

Learn how minimise & manage weeds easily, remedy soil compaction, create a whole new garden designed for maximum fertility and rejuvenate an existing, weedy garden


Lesson 1: Weed Management

Lesson 2: Remedying Soil Compaction

Lesson 3: Soil Amendments

Lesson 4: Organic Matter

Lesson 5: Getting Down ‘n’ Diggy- Creating a New Garden

Lesson 6: Overhauling an Existing Garden


Module 4 - Stimulate & Inoculate

Learn how to boost resident biology and add new beneficial biology from your own easy-to-make, potent inoculants and soil improvers.


Lesson 1: Stimulate, Feed & Inoculate Microbes

Lesson 2: How to Stimulate Microbes

Lesson 3: Feed Bacteria & Fungi

Lesson 4: Bio Inoculants

Lesson 5: Make Your Own Beneficial Inoculant

Lesson 6: Make Your Own Potent Bio Brew


Module 5 - Productive Patch

Learn the art of growing more food in less space, for less work AND improve soil fertility at the same time, including techniques for much easier gardening

Lesson 1: Seeds and Seedlings

Lesson 2: Intensive Planting

Lesson 3: Annuals & Perennials 

Lesson 4: Plant Placement

Lesson 5: Living Mulch

Lesson 6: Managing Weeds Well


Module 6 - Forever Fertile

Simple solutions to maintain your soil, plant & garden health.  Including ecological approaches for avoiding and minimising pest problems


Lesson 1: Benefits of a Routine

Lesson 2: Soil Nourishment

Lesson 3: Why Foliar Feed?

Lesson 4: Continuous Crop Care

Lesson 5: Mulch Choices

Lesson 6: Custodianship

Note: Most Lessons Contain Multiple Sub Lessons- 149 Short Videos in Total


Ian Thomas

I'm an Environmental Scientist & have invested over 20 years in growing food, landscaping gardens & learning how to grow better quality, naturally pest-resistant food.


I've researched & tested most of the different growing methods available and have since developed my own personal method that incorporates the best of the best.


Life's too short to be enduring flavourless food & that's why I choose to grow my own Gourmet-Quality Food.


Growing food at home is really easy, if only we get the soil right.  If you want to enjoy better quality food, grown easily, I invite you to join me on this delicious journey.

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Learn the Secrets of Soil Fertility:



— Tom, Self Employed

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Step 1: Purchase the Complete SUPERCHARGE Program

Step 2: Gain Instant Access

Step 3: Download our FREE App to View Content on Smartphones & Tablets

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Note: The App is Not Necessary but an Optional Bonus That Enables Convenient & Offline Viewing.  

Program Access is Available on any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

*All prices in Australian Dollars

"All Health Starts With Healthy Soil"

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