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"Growing Food Brings us Back to What Matters Most!"

Image by Ioana Cristiana
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We help home gardeners grow more food, of better quality,

for less work & with more fun.

We offer garden education services & supply some of the materials to help you grow nicer, more nutritious food.

What is The Gourmet Garden School?

Who am I?

I'm Ian Epic Earth.

I'm the school founder & I'm rather a passionate foodie!

I'm on mission to learn how to grow the best possible food I can, and to share those skills with as many people as I can, because!

"I've studied & trialled almost every food growing technique 'out there'."

Over 20yrs of refinement, I've developed my own gardening method that encompasses the best of everything I've learned and continue to.

  • Organic & ecological

  • Low cost & easy

  • Promotes diversity

  • Repairs ecosystems

  • Better quality food

"More food, grown well, has the power to transform family, community & global health!"

I have a Vision of more local food abundance, diversity & resilience.


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Why 'Gourmet'?

Don't let thoughts of fine dining restaurants confuse you!  Here at the Gourmet Garden School we're into hearty, down-to-earth, home-grown meals made with fresh garden goodness!

"For us, 'Gourmet' means Quality & Flavour!

And for the best quality, it just has to be homegrown!"

Trust me!

Most of us are only scratching the surface of what's possible and my mission is to help you discover what's possible for you & your space


"The Proverbial Garden of Eden is Ours to Cultivate!"

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